Written by Alex Way on March 5th 2019
Alexander Way - Sam Ovens' Student
I'm Alex Way!

Consultant, Marketer, & Entrepreneur. I Help Reverse Mortgage Agents Get More VA Loan Leads with Facebook Advertising. Also, I manage an E-commerce store for Hikers.
Sam Ovens Discount on Consulting Accelerator
With so many online marketers today pitching the next new “secret”, “trick”, or “get-rich-quick-just-sign-here” method. What makes Sam Ovens & any different?

On the surface & fancy webinars, not a lot. At the core content & results, everything.

The Consulting Accelerator course claims it is a proven and tested program to start your own “wildly profitable 6-figure consulting business & get your first high value client in 42 days”. The Consulting Accelerator has a price tag of $1,997 or 5x payments of $597 ($2,985). So $2,000 for paying in full or $3,000 on a payment plan.

Like most courses I come across nowadays, I have a healthy amount of skepticism of the “promises” made and if any of the claims are actually true. Always cross checking the reviews and claims. Does it come up on scam review sites?
Who should I listen too? Even if it’s something that I really want to do, How do I know that this is the right guy? And right before I’m about to buy I’m still hesitant. What if it’s a waste of money? How do I know the reviews are real? Are the results of the program normal?  

                                                                         I always feel like there’s something they’re not telling me!

So Why Create a Video Series Review?
     1.  Those that are on the fence will know if it’s right for them and will benefit from me thoroughly explaining the course and my own progress.
     2. Those interested or currently in the Consulting Accelerator will be able to reference how I used the course to become successful with it.
     3. There are a lot people looking to start a business and generate income. I think they should have a complete picture of “Consulting” and the business model before investing thousands.
     4. There aren’t any completely transparent, step-by-step video reviews of the Consulting Accelerator and I want to provide others with transparency I didn’t have before buying.

I was almost completely turned off to the program once I saw the “scam” reviews on Google. I want to give more transparency to others than I had, so they can make their own decision if it’s right for them. Most reviews I’ve seen of Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator talk about the program and their result after the program, rather than exactly how they got there (and they also leave out what they actually do). I will be reviewing the entire course of the Consulting Accelerator and documenting my progress in the below video series. Showing the entire process from start to finish. 

I want to be as transparent as possible. I’ll be showing niche selection, live market research appointments, sales calls, business website, & closed clients (to the extent that I can). I won’t show details of the course content (see below *) and I won’t be disclosing full names as these are real-world people and clients.

A course like Consulting Accelerator has over 100 hours’ worth of content and a simple answer of “Buy it” or “It’s a scam” wouldn’t be helpful. So, I’ll review it piece by piece to be the most useful to you.

*(If you’d like to see the course content, offers a 7-Day Free Trial and a $500 discount through current students of the program. If you’ve viewed this entire page and think it’s a good fit, you can benefit from this offer here.)
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Sam Ovens Discount For Consulting Accelerator
I’ll be referencing the website which you can view in full here. (NOT an affiliate link)

The Consulting Accelerator is a 6-week online course with live Q&A calls, physical boxset, and a community of entrepreneurs. It’s for anybody who wants to start their own business and put in the work to do so It works for anybody regardless of their previous knowledge or experience.
It has (at the moment) 20,000 active students, rated 4.9 stars from 3,542 customer reviews, reportedly the total earned revenue of students is $690 million, and has created 52 millionaire students.

The Course Layout
Week One – Fundamentals and Foundations
Week Two – New Paradigm & World View
Week Three – Alchemy of Client Conversion
Week Four – Alchemy of Client Attraction
Week Five – Fractal Facebook Evolution
Week Six – Minimum Viable Service Delivery

What comes with it.
6 Week training program
Boxset with workbooks
Community + Weekly Q&A Calls
Life-time access.

Absolute satisfaction guarantee
Our training program is proven with 3,000+ testimonials. However, if you're still unsure about joining we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee. Try the program risk free and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 14-days and we'll refund you in full.
The program layout is pretty simple. Each week, you’ll watch the content, complete the action items, and use the provided tools and templates to progress through the course. ‘s promise seems pretty simple. Do the work and you’ll get results. But now that we know the overview I’m going to cover each part and video my progress in each section.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - What You Get
The design of the course is very professional compared to other courses I’ve purchased. The course works on both desktop and mobile making it easy to watch wherever you are with easily referenced sections and navigation. Underneath each video are the attached action items (if required). A wonderful feature I love, is every video has a transcript in text form which is also searchable on the website using the search button. This makes it very easy to find things in a behemoth of information.

The website purposely limits the course to show 1 week starting and then each week is released after the current week so that users do not skip around and follow the instructions step-by-step. I believe this is done to ultimately help the user maximize their success and limit confusion.

Overall, the design and navigation of the website is one of the best I’ve seen and is easy to use. It looks great, functions well, and it just works.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Content Quality
The proof is in the pudding.
The information within the course is where the real value is, it really is a step-by-step process from start to finish leaving no stone unturned.

What Sam Ovens’ teaches from a High-Level isn’t very innovative, but rather clear & effective.
1. Find Problem in a Market
2. Create Solution to a Problem.
3. Sell This Solution to the Market.
4. Scale, Outsource, & Improve Solution over time.

For me, it seems anyone who has made a dollar online now wants to sell their course as a “guru” for whatever low-quality nonsense they created. Focusing more on selling their product rather than if their customers are getting results.

The primary difference with Sam Ovens is he actually does what he teaches and removes the unnecessary “hype” information I’ve seen in other courses. At the end of the day, people buy a course to get a result, not feel good about watching videos.

I’ll review each section as best I can and give my personal progress video. If you are looking for more specifics, I would suggest looking at a free trial to see the content for yourself here.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Week 1 - Fundementals and Foundations
Week 1 is surprisingly fast paced, you jump in to the first week of understanding the business model, choosing a niche, talking to people in that niche to see if there is a problem to solve, and then crafting an initial offer of what people buy.

With no time wasted, you enter week one of the program with no understanding to knowing exactly what you’ll be doing, what you’ll be selling, and choosing who your market will be. As a complete beginner in entrepreneurship, I was very overwhelmed with how quickly you can move through the process. Sam really does remove the unnecessary parts of starting a consulting business and only focuses on what matters.

Week one is a lot of work if you really want this to work for you. You will be making your first business decisions of choosing a niche, researching a market, finding a problem, contacting many people in your market to confirm your idea (i.e. if it’s a viable business), and with that valuable information determine what solution would best solve your markets problems that they would be willing to buy it. It can be intimidating at first, but this is the bare bones of starting a business which you can compare to this article on Market Research from

Sam Ovens’ shows you each step with provided templates and action items in doing all of the above so that it is successful for each person.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Week 2 - New Paradigm & World View
Week 2 will either be a refresher for people that already know how to take action, take responsibility for their lives, and focus.
Or, it will change your life in ways you didn’t know were possible.
I was the latter. Avoiding problems, my own financial well-being, personal well-being, and responsibility which I ultimately realized just wasted time and I stopped myself from being successful or moving forward.

Week Two personally helped me with:
1. Accomplishing Long-term Goals
2. Taking Responsibility for my own Finances (or the lack thereof at the time)
3. Showing me I could actually change and Become the Person I Wanted to be.
4. Where I had Mental Blind spots in my Behavior
5. Removing my Procrastination & Lack of Focus

From what I’ve seen in the Facebook group and in other entrepreneurs, that “Mindset” is commonly overlooked and typically the reason why people fail in business over the long term. Also, this seemed like the case for many other students in the course documenting their behaviors before and showing their results after going through the program and sticking to the Week Two training.

I went into Week Two thinking that many aspects of my life were outside of my control and “starting a successful business” was a pipe dream only for those that were “lucky” or “born with it”.  But after going through Week Two I can say with conviction that any result I get in life will be because of my own doing. And I can have anything I want in life as long as I work for it. 

Once you do the work in this week and keep yourself accountable, you’ll see a HUGE change in your own productivity and what you think is possible for your life.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Week 3 - Alchemy of Client Conversion
A. Always. B. Be. C. Closing. Always Be Closing.
Sam Ovens - Week 3 - Always Be Closing
Week 3 is everything sales and how to close a client.

The primary business model for consulting is sales and getting clients over the phone. I had always thought sales was being “pushy” and about using “hype” techniques in order to get someone to buy.

I realized it’s about understanding someone on an emotional level, seeing what they want, and if what you can provide meets that need. Sam Ovens' provides a sales script which I initially overlooked (bad idea) and I revisited it and actually tried it on a sales call.

To my surprise, the script worked better than I expected. Calls can be 20-45 minutes long depending upon your niche and there is of course a group of people that don’t want to spend that time. I found that the people on a sales call that didn’t want to go through the entire call were never real buyers, just “testing the waters” with no intention of buying. With this I found I could just end the call to make the best use of my own time and the other person who wasn’t a real prospect. 

The sales part is where some people have difficulty because they’ve never done sales, have anxiety, or don’t want to put themselves out there. I was the exact same way and through trial-and-error my nerves calmed down with practice and the Mindset training in Week Two helped tremendously.
Sam Ovens' again keeps it simple, clear, and effective to get you a result (assuming you follow the steps and do the work).
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam - Week 4 - Alchemy of Client Attraction
This covers how to market your business. You’ll learn about free and paid methods of marketing strategies that you can use to get more clients.
When you’re first starting out, you’ll be focusing on getting that first paying client. There is an emphasis on both free and paid methods that have been proven to work for students of the Consulting Accelerator.

This is where things start to take off. For me, there are a lot of moving parts, but they are easy to understand once going through the material. Week Four is where you create a VSL – Video Sales letter, basically a sales presentation targeted at your niche and focusing on positioning your solution to the problem your niche has.  There are provided templates and action items to make it as simple as possible to get it up and running. 
You’re really just creating a really good funnel. Doing email marketing, mail marketing, and prospecting for that first client.

Prospecting can vary for each niche, but is generally done by Facebook messenger, emails, mail, or LinkedIn. It all depends on where your niche is located whether that is online or physical.  Sam Ovens is very detailed in this week and there’s no reason anyone should be stuck on this week. He also provides everyone with a “War Map” Calendar to make sure they are holding themselves accountable, meeting their goals, and their client acquisition targets.  

Also, it should be clear of the important of Week Two with Mindset training. When I first started, I neglected the mindset part because I thought it was for “woo-woo” meditation type people. This ultimately made it harder on myself as I had a lot of difficulty getting myself to do the work, let alone get out of bed! Consulting might not be for everyone, but if you actually put in the work you’ll get results. Start Hustling.
In process of creating video, will update on channel. Subscribe for updates here.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam - Week 5 - Fractal Facebook Evolution
Week 5 with Facebook Advertising truly has more value than what the course costs by itself. As someone whose been through many different courses (including Facebooks own Advertising course), Sam Ovens' is the most clear, understandable, and effective than any other I’ve seen.

This week has over 24 hours worth of content and I found myself going back and re-watching the videos to make sure I didn’t miss anything when I went live with my ads. Sam outlines the common mistakes people make when creating an ad, connecting it with their website, and making sure Facebook approves the ad. I’ve seen countless small time “gurus” or YouTube videos showing the wrong understanding and process of Facebooks Algorithm. It’s unlike any other platform and a misunderstanding can literally cost thousands. 

It isn’t a secret Sam Ovens’ uses Facebook Ads (that might be where you first saw him, hah!). He also discloses his earning and advertising numbers on his personal business Facebook account which shows over $1,800,000 spent per month and over $5,000,000 generated revenue. (see screenshot below) Sam does what he teaches and passes that down to his students so they can profit.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam - Week 5 - Fractal Facebook Evolution - Personal Ads Account
The information can seem daunting, but the results are certain and for me it was about staying focused and not overwhelming myself. I found that I really enjoy making ads when I know my market because I know how my market will react to them and be well received.
In process of creating video, will update on channel. Subscribe for updates here.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam - Week 6 - Minimum VIable Service Delivery
That way you can make a minimum viable product that is easy to produce, repeatable, and allows you to scale your business. I think one of the primary difficulties when you’re first starting out is you might have to do all the work yourself.

This also depends on your niche and what solution you provide to your market; regardless of the niche, finding contractors to outsource the work so you can focus on expanding the business is the ideal situation.

This was a game changer for me. It meant that I was able to sell a solution without actually knowing how it worked. I only needed to know that it would actually work, benefit the client, and how to sell the solution.  From my experience this allowed me to provide excellent service to my clients without being bottle-necked on the day-to-day work and deliverables.  

After week six you should feel very confident in your ability to deliver to your clients with the help of a qualified contractor. This leaves you worry-free and comfortable in your business.
In process of creating video, will update on channel. Subscribe for updates here.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam - Week 7 - The Next Level
Week 7 is all about scaling beyond the level 1 consulting accelerator business model that usually is Done-For-You, Done-With-You, or a 1-on-1 Consulting service. This is included for members that have actually closed client safe scaring their business, but maybe they are running into bottlenecks in their business.

The video describes how to evolve as a consultant. Most of Sam Ovens’ most successful students start selling their on online training program for their specific niche that solves that specific problem. The beauty in this is it separates the you the business owner from your bottlenecks which is usually time.
This is there to let students know what is ahead or how to effectively scale after closing several clients. I haven't achieved this yet, so a video will be made once I have.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - DM Bonus
DM bonus is an additional part of the Consulting Accelerator program. Sam Ovens recommends that people choose a niche that they’re passionate about, rather than going the digital marketing route from the start.

Nevertheless, it’s there for people that might lack experience or something they know they are passionate about.  It’s a fairly straightforward process of offering digital marketing services to a company. Typically, the service is providing leads or customers to company which helps them drive revenue. 

“Increasing revenue” as a solution can be provided from an internal or external perspective.  Some students just focus on the internal sales process of a company and find where they can improve their sales reps and conversions. The external approach can include (SEO) Search Engine Optimization on Google, fixing or adding Facebook ads into their marketing efforts, or offer email marketing.  

The Digital Marketing approach all depends on the type of business and how much value the company will get for the service provided. Being a Digital Marketing Consultant is pretty straightforward and in high demand. Particularly when businesses survive off of revenue, so if you can provide that to them they will be willing to pay you highly for it. 

Personally, I think being a Digital Marketing Consultant is the easiest and most lucrative way to generate side-income.

1. The deliverables can be outsourced to a contractor.
2. Companies don’t care who you are or your age as long as you get them the result.
3. You can use the contractor’s portfolio and reviews with their permission.
4. Companies will gladly pay thousands to generate revenue if you have a person that can deliver that result.

The DM Bonus is helpful for those that have trouble picking a niche and looking to get some clients while they figure things out as they go. This was my experience, but it could’ve been different if I didn’t neglect the mindset training when I started.
In process of creating video, will update on channel. Subscribe for updates here.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Facebook Community
You’ll find people from all walks of life in this Facebook group. Even though it is close to 15,000 members at the moment, it’s one of the highest quality Facebook groups I’ve been a part of.

They categorize Facebook Posts under the relevant section such as:

Practicing Strategy Sessions, Customer Interviews, getting an Accountability Partner, or Ringing the Bell because you closed your first client.  The group adds a more human element to the online program which I highly enjoy. I’ve had a great experience through the group, reaching out to practice strategy sessions, asking questions to get help, and getting an accountability partner when I realized I needed one. 

When I first entered the program I highly undervalued the community, but then realized that constantly seeing other people ‘s success (literally almost every day someone is closing a client) made me truly believe that it was possible for me to do the same. They also have moderators to make sure the discussion is positive and useful. 

Some groups I’ve been in are highly unregulated, all over the place, and more of a nuisance than help. This was not my experience with the Consulting Accelerator Facebook group. It’s professionally run, organized, and managed to be as valuable to the customer as possible. 
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Weekly Q and A Calls
These are things that I see lacking in other courses I’ve been in which can cause on myriad of issues. There are two weekly Q&A calls Monday & Friday hosted by a team member. Also, there’s a weekly call with Sam Ovens’ himself every Saturday.

Sometimes I’ll take a course and kinda understand it, but sometimes I get confused. Then I’m left frustrated and spending time on the issue rather than progressing. The host on the call is always very knowledgeable if it’s not Sam Ovens' himself. The experience of going through the program is seamless with little confusion or wasted time from the added access of the calls. They really make an effort to make sure all questions are answered.

On top of that, they also video record, transcribe the words into text, and archive them to be searchable on their platform. This is integrated into what they call the Hivemind” search feature. It makes it incredibly easy to find others that have problems in a related niche, the solution to that problem, and many different answers archived since they started recording the calls.

It's like the Google for Consulting.

I’ve never seen a feature like this offered in a course that is as extensive, easy-to-use, and helpful. (I’ve only seen this feature in the Consulting Accelerator).   
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Help Center
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Hivemind Search Feature
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Phyiscal Boxset
Usually an online course is just log-in details and videos. To my surprise, The Consulting Accelerator also comes with a Physical Box Set.

The Box Set includes:
        The course in 2 Large Textbooks
        Daily planner to help with Accountability
        The Sales Script
        Mindset Document Folder

It’s a very high-quality box similar to how Apple designs its phone box cases.

Initially, I didn’t see a use for a physical copy of the course or the notepad. I realized it was a huge benefit to be able to write down my thoughts and highlight them.

I am a visual learner so seeing the text on paper helped me understand the information a lot quicker than listening to the videos. I’m able to mark specific sections that are important to me making it easier to reference them and see a bird ‘s eye view of the entire course.

It seems they’ve looked at every possible way that someone would benefit getting them the result of a “successful consulting business” as easy as possible. Their website is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, the design is professional, the search feature is unlike anything I’ve ever seen making it incredibly easy to find information, the solution, and how to solve it.

The Weekly Q&A calls make it incredibly helpful to talk to a real person with a specific problem that might be outside the course. Finally, the physical box set completes everything with a tangible reference of where things are and remember what is important to you.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam - Week 4 - Alchemy of Client Attraction
The Consulting Accelerator is one of the most high-quality courses I have ever been in.
With that said, I don’t think this is for everybody.

The model works if you’re doing the work. Creating a solution that people want to actually buy should be a viable business for anyone to start. However, this isn’t just a plug-and-play program where you sit, watch a bunch of videos, and pretend to take action and expect money to just come pouring into your bank account. 

One pitfall I seen is when people join the Consulting Accelerator, they forget to realize that they are starting a business and that it takes real work, failure, and constantly improving yourself and your solution. A counterpoint is the Mindset training allows anyone to become a successful person if they work for it.   

So the real indicator of whether someone should buy this program is:
1. Do you like the business model of Consulting?
2. Do you have enough drive to Become a Successful person if you aren’t currently?
Regardless of where a person is, if they have enough drive to change and do the work they’ll be successful.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam - Who It's For
1. This is for People who are Driven to Stay or Become Successful.
You will need to get on the phone to do market research, sales calls, hiring contractors, and maybe in-person meetings depending on your niche.  You’ll need to put in the work (same as a job), but initially work for free until you start getting clients and rapidly increasing your income. 

This is NOT a get-rich-quick-program. With that said, someone who already has great work ethic, hustle, and takes action can complete the program and be profitable with a few months. Time is money. So it’s just a matter of how much time is takes you to do the work and get clients. 

2. People who want to work to have a Job their Passionate about.
Niche selection might be tricky at first, but once you go through the videos and find what works for you, that is when things really change.

The word Work will literally mean something different to you.  I now find myself working on weekends (not because I have to, but because I want to) and I’ll tell people I’m working and I instantly notice that they feel bad for me (I used to do the same). 

Sam Ovens' teaches us not to judge, but I think people generally don’t like the word Work because they aren’t happy with their job, the pay sucks, and/or they aren’t passionate about it. This was a really subtle change I saw in myself later on in the process.  I still have a LOT of fun on weekends, but Work isn’t this dreadful thing I’m cursed to go to anymore. I am fortunate to say that “I Love What I Do”. 

The Niche Selection part teaches you how to actually help people that your passionate about helping, provide value to them, making your clients want to work with you, send you referrals, and more business. At the end of the day, people buy things because they see a benefit in it. So you learn how to create a win-win solution for the client and you.

3. No Tech Skills Needed
Almost all the work is done on a computer or a phone. You don’t need any tech skills to do this, everything on the tech part is very easy to setup. 

4. Sales Participation Required. Previous Experience Optional.
I want to emphasize the sales part as some people might get caught up on this.  
Remember: Enough drive to become a successful person. 

I had never sold anything, ever. I was terrified of calling someone, trying to sell them, and close a client. I’m naturally an introverted person, but the drive in me to become a successful person is all I needed.

Practice makes perfect. The course gets you someone to practice your sales calls with so you can get feedback to handle the fear of rejection or closing someone on one call.  This ties back to the Mindset training in Week 2 to help people Become who they want to be, live the life they want, and not be held back by fear. 

When you get the niche selection right, the phone isn’t intimating anymore because there’s a highly interested person who wants your help. This is different from how I viewed sales before as a “pushy” thing I didn’t want to do.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Who Its Not for

Truly, this isn’t for people who aren’t serious about starting a business and working for yourself. I think people highly underestimate the amount of work it takes to get a business started. With that said, you should have more time later on when you hire contractors and start automating the business.
This isn’t for anyone that kinda wants to do this. Or kinda wants to make more money and therefore have more responsibility. If you do choose to buy the program, it’ll be your first business decision that you’ll be responsible for.

Responsibility is a strange thing to sell to people. In business, it’s required that you take responsibility for your life, results, and your clients results. You’ll need to adapt with change and sacrifice daily peace-of-mind as an employee when dealing with mistakes and poor business decisions.
In business, there’s No Glass Ceiling or Floor Beneath you. So your results will be an outcome you’ll be responsible for.

Payoff & Cost of Being an Employee
The payoff as an Employee is “stable” pay with less responsibility. When things go wrong, you get to say “It wasn’t my fault.” And when you complain as an employee, others usually support you in your victim-hood. The cost is your Aliveness and Fulfillment. Coming to grips with the fact that you are giving up your dreams for someone else’s and CHOOSING to keep staying there.

Payoff & Cost of Being an Entrepreneur
The payoff as an Entrepreneur is working on something you love, complete control of your time and life, more revenue than you’ve ever had, actually achieving your dreams, and Loving every minute of your life. The cost is ultimate responsibility. When things go wrong even when it wasn’t your fault, it is. When there’s a problem you don’t want to do, you are the only person to solve it. When you complain you have no one to blame but yourself.

There truly are benefits to being an employee, but for me it seems lifeless and empty. Some will think differently, but those are my thoughts and that’s how I choose to live my life.

Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator is the top-notch program for anyone who takes responsibility. But it isn’t for people that aren’t willing to put in the work.

I want to emphasize this 3 times to make sure that people get this.  

You definitely will not get results if you don’t put in the work.
You will not get results if you “kind of” put in the work.
People should NOT buy this program if they don’t put in the work.

If you buy the program and:
            1. Don’t call people in your market for Niche Research.
            2. Don’t make a sales presentation to get clients.
            3. Don’t want to get outside your comfort zone.
            4. Don’t want to take the time to watch the videos. (over 100 hours worth of the best content on Consulting to date.)
            5. Avoid Responsibility.
            6. Don’t own the fact that you chose to buy the program and own that the results are your own.


I really want to drive this point home, but not scare people. If you’re serious about this, you’ll come to learn that Sam’s course is actually highly underpriced for what you get.  If you’re not serious, then this will be a waste of money for you. Not because the program doesn’t work, but because you won’t. (If you think you won’t do the above work, then this is you.)  

And I think it’s important to understand that it’s your choice AND you can change that choice if you take responsibility for it and your actions.  I see this as a big pitfall for people and it goes back to Taking Responsibility for your life and finances. 

In order for Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator to be worth the price tag, is if you CHOOSE to take responsibility for your results and hold yourself accountable to that choice.

If you choose to buy the program, it will be your 1st business decision.  You will have to own the fact that you made it, no one tricked you into putting your details in to pay, & whether or not you get clients will be up to you and no one else. 

There’s no such thing as a “free lunch”. Only a Payoff and a Cost. 
So decide and take responsibility for your choice and your life. Whatever it is.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator - Scam or Success - Is it a Scam
Depends on how you view the world and your choices.
I want to remove any bias I have and the “rah-rah” responsibility I just went over in the previous section.  Age and experience are a myth in business and all have been successful with this program. But it’s not a Free Lunch. 

I do want to recognize the scam sites on Google. There are some legitimate claims against the program mainly for the guarantee and customer support. 

I definitely think they can do better on disclosing their actual “fine-print” guarantee. Which is action-based, you have to actually do the work in the first 3 weeks in order to get a refund. This isn’t for everyone and I think this stems from people not fully knowing what they’re buying and if they have enough drive to make it successful. This usually leaves people feeling “tricked”, but I do think they should disclose their fine-print guarantee in the webinar. 

They have a Free trial now which I think helps people bridge that gap of how they can be successful with the program. So assuming you like the business model and have the drive then do it. If not, then not do it. Plain and simple.  I don’t think Sam Ovens' track record of the program has been perfect not that any business is. But in it’s current state, the program is top-notch for those willing to do the work.  
Still. I was skeptical when I first bought it. I also was very shy and avoided responsibility which led to no results for a couple months. What a surprise. I got on the “scam bandwagon” at first and got validation from others who thought the same, but nothing changed for me. It took me a long time to realize that the same reason I was avoiding responsibility and complaining, was the same reason I didn’t have any money or fulfillment in my life. 

It took me longer than I’d like to admit to realize that, but it is what it is and I’m going to own it.
Running a business isn’t easy, but it’s worthwhile.
My goal is complete transparency and I do think that I am being biased towards the program, but because I know that responsibility is where success is. Some people just aren’t cut out for Entrepreneurship. Not because they can’t, but because they are choosing to. You can become anything you want if you take responsibility for it.

I know when I avoided responsibility when I bought it at first, I would’ve said something different. But what good would that do me? Validation, victimhood, and a life that was still empty for me.  The program delivers, but not everyone wants to take on the responsibility of running a business. There are many ways to make money these days (especially online). 

So it’s just a matter of deciding if you like the business model of consulting and if you are willing to take responsibility for your results. If you are, then you should see a profit from this program once you close your first couple clients, depending on your price.  If you know you won’t do the work, then you shouldn’t buy it. Not because the program doesn’t work, but because you won’t. The program is overwhelmingly positive and life changing, but I want to make sure people know what kind of responsibility they are getting into when buying. 

The program will literally help you accomplish your dreams, if you choose to work for them. Working with clients can be fun and engaging because they want your help.
Which is a huge shift from a 9 to 5 job that you hate.
 So if you want to see what the program is like, if you like the business model, and willing to take responsibility for your life and finances. Then I would suggest you check out the free 7-day trial.
Actually take action and watch the videos and do the work Day 1. This will be your first business decision if you commit to it. I wish you all success! No matter what you choose. I care that people grow and become the best version of themselves. Whatever that path is for them. I only care that people decide and commit.
That’s my review of it. If you’re currently taking the program or not in it and have thoughts. Let me know in the comments.

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